segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2015

leituras [educação]... reflexões para explorar ao fim do dia...!

Schools are learning hard lessons about the difficulties of putting in place 1-to-1 computing programs and digital curricula initiatives meant to encourage innovation and fuel academic growth.

A mountain of evidence indicates that educators have been painfully slow to use technology to change and improve the ways they teach.

Schools wrestle with whether to use an eclectic mix of devices or to rely heavily on one type of technology to build their 1-to-1 computing programs.

Errors by districts rolling out device initiatives are serving as warnings for education leaders implementing new programs.

The advent of this “modular” delivery option for digital content has major implications for the education publishing industry and for school districts themselves.

School districts are putting technology experts at the head of the table in the labor-intensive process of choosing curricula for common-core instruction.

A pair of K-12 systems in Washington state have devoted a lot of time and money to adopting open educational resources, efforts they believe will pay off.

Social and educational priorities are oftentimes at odds when students use digital tools outside of school, prompting many parents to keep a closer eye on such use.

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While some school officials still fear ‘bring-your-own-device’ efforts will disrupt learning, others say the eclectic mix of technologies is proving to be effective.

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