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It’s no secret that effective behaviour management can be the making of a teacher – while the opposite can also be their undoing.

John d’Abbro, the headteacher in Channel 4’s popular TV show Jamie’s Dream School, has no doubt about what’s important when it comes to behaviour management. It is vital, he says, to develop a good relationship with students by being “fair, trustworthy and honest”.

The head of the New Rush Hall Group, an organisation that works with children with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, says: “Learning is an exploratory and uncertain process, so children have to trust you to learn from and with you. “

In our interview today, John offers his key dos and don’ts of behaviour management – it’s a brilliant reminder of the basics that it can be so easy to overlook in the melee of a busy term.

There’s a mix of our best blogs and resources on behaviour management below too. And don’t miss your chance to hear more of John’s wisdom at our exclusive Guardian masterclass about behaviour management.

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