sábado, 19 de março de 2016

curiosidades da educação... lá pelos 'states'...!

Some Religious Schools Press 'Obamacare' Case Some Religious Schools Press 'Obamacare' Case
The Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether certain faith-based organizations are protected from having to take steps to opt their employees out of contraceptive coverage. Read more.


New Yorker writer David Denby talks about how he wrote his new book to understand how today's students consume the written word. Read more.
(Education Week)

Do Teachers Need Response to Intervention?
"We already have [RTI] models to follow," writes Daisy Dyer Duerr. "Why wouldn't we use these same, proven principles and constructs for our educators?" Read more.
(Finding Common Ground)

e mais...

An American Teacher's Thoughts on Finnish Education
(Global Learning)

School Integration Comes at a Price
(Walt Gardner's Reality Check)

Debating Real Scientific Questions Fosters Deeper Learning
(Learning Deeply)

Data Analysis on the Student Designed Project
(Work in Progress)

Some Needed Perspective on EdTech Adoptions
(Reinventing K-12 Learning)

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