domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2016

informações [educação]... lá pelo reino de sua majestade...!

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First things first – Happy New Year! I hope everyone is sufficiently well-rested after Christmas, hangover free after New Year’s Eve and ready for the new term.

It’s no rest for the wicked as we kick off our week of New Year resolutions. Our first commitment is to get on top of marking – making sure it’s done well, without burning the candle at both ends. We asked teachers to share their tricks of the trade. Check out their advice and don’t forget to add a tip yourself on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments.

We’ll have more guides on everything from managing workload to beating stress next week.

Elsewhere, Secret Teacher talks about the teaching slump – the moment every teacher gets when you feel like a failure. Have hope, they write. “It is in our despair that we​ can​ find our greatest teaching strength – the fact we care.”

It’s a really inspiring piece – the perfect antidote to any feelings of apprehension about what lies beyond today. I’d also be interested to know if you have experienced this. How did you get though? The comments thread is waiting to hear all about it.

Enjoy your last day off!

Kate Hodge | editor | | @GuardianTeach
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